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Setting A New Operator Training Standard Since 1986

Through a team effort we began developing real-world SITE, EQUIPMENT AND TASK-SPECIFIC operator training programs that exceeded client expectations and this proven concept continues to assist our clients today.
Shephard's has been recognized by several National and International material handling publications for being on the leading edge of providing, a consulting service to assist clients in recognizing improvement opportunities prior to implementing any operator training.
Once completed, these Site-Specific Training Programs include key elements unique to each type of material handling operation.

Since 1986, Shephard’s has specialized in customizing Operator Training Programs for industries across North American and the Caribbean.

Our goal was to develop comprehensive training materials that would train employees in the safe operation of their equipment, in addition to including practical evaluation procedures that would assist employers and employees in identifying safety concerns within the workplace that adversely affect safe operation of the equipment.
Today, Shephard’s proven training systems are assisting all types of industries in developing and implementing SITE, EQUIPMENT, and TASK-SPECIFIC employee training programs.

How might these programs work for your company?  Among other things, they will

  • Assist you in meeting and exceeding your company’s Training Goals and Objectives
  • Assist you in implementing a true Site-Specific Training program
  • Assist you in implementing a training program designed around your company’s policies, tasks, and equipment
  • Help you set training and operational goals and objectives within your company
  • Help in setting realistic company policies for Powered Industrial Equipment
  • Help develop safe job procedures
  • Provide a comprehensive training tool for management
  • Provide detailed consistent training materials for all employees concerning their tasks
  • Provide a fair evaluation procedure to identify strengths and weaknesses for employees and for your operations

All of Shephard’s training programs are designed to meet the demands of a changing environment.  To do this we had to design flexibility into our training programs.  As your company changes, your training materials will need to change and the ability to modify your training programs will be a must.  Shephard’s will train you on how to make cost effective training materials modifications to keep your training materials up to date and your employees abreast of “need to know” information.

Scroll through our website.  If you do not see what you are looking for, give us a call.  We have custom designed over 300 powered industrial equipment operator training programs.  We may have the program you are looking for!

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Craig T.

Jim is the authority when it comes to training staff on safety in the industrial setting. He makes the training interesting and informative for the entire staff. His skills and hands on experience are second to none in this industry. Lives have been saved and productivity has increased because of the effective training he and his staff provide. I highly recommend Shephard's Industrial Training.

Providing Solutions
VHS Cassette Tape
From the Beginning of Shephard’s we Recognized that Generic Training Did Not and Does Not Meet the Material Handling Demands Needed to Ensure a Safe and Productive Workplace.
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Development and Training Implementation

Developing a comprehensive material handling assessment system, has provided Shephard's with a tool to assist our clients in recognizing existing conditions that may need attention.  Our unique training process, when complied, with ensures a safe and productive workplace, proper equipment utilization, reduction in equipment downtime and equipment damage, improvements in communication, equipment inspections, housekeeping, and significant improvements in all aspects of the material handling process.

< Confidentiality Agreement >

With each client, Shephard’s has maintained without fail a firm position concerning our Confidentiality Agreement.  This Confidentiality Agreement is designed to protect our client’s proprietary information.
Leading Edge  
Shephard’s has developed and implemented hundreds of Site-Equipment and Task Specific Training Programs for Industries across North America.
Steel, Forestry, Lumber, Plywood and Pole Yards, Logistics, Maritime, Pulp and Paper, Chemical, Construction, Agriculture, Railcar Switching, Municipalities, Educational Institutes (Continued Education General Industry Discipline), Equipment Manufacturers, and Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA).

Unique and Proprietary
Your Teammate Training Should Reflect Same

Shephard's offers operator and/or Train-The-Trainer sessions for individual companies only.  Due to the confidential nature we do not train multiple companies at the same time because individual company needs will not be addressed in this type of training forum.

Focusing our efforts on one company, or multiple facilities within one corporation, makes our training programs' success overwhelming.

Once developed, the Site, Equipment and Task-Specific training program will provide a consistent method to train operator’s for years to come with little or no modifications.
Clients, who have implemented and maintained our training programs, have reaped the rewards with fewer incidents, decreased product damage, decreased equipment operating cost, increased profits, and have meet their customers' quality needs by shipping on-time damage free product.

They also enjoy a motivated workforce because of the reclaimed trust between management and employees.  At the same time employees' skills and self-esteem are enhanced, confidence is increased, by developing this team concept.


Over 300 Employee Training Programs Developed

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We have developed an extensive course library of training programs ready to be
designed around your unique operation. See our course library.

Industry Specific Training Programs
General Industry / Construction / Mining

The term general industry has a specific definition when it comes to powered industrial equipment “uniqueness is a better term for General Industry. 

With powered industrial truck operator training programs presently active in all types of industries, the term “general” does not quite fit when it comes to training employees. 

We have found that similarities do exist within all industries when it comes to equipment operations and equipment specifications.  However, the uniqueness lies in the operations, and that is what is missing from most training programs.  You have seen them:  the similarity in program design with new colors and new equipment, saying the same old thing.  Bottom line, they are entertaining your operators, not training them.
Shephard’s has made the process of site-specific equipment operator training easy. 
Our operator training programs have been developed for General Industries, and the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), across the United States such as foundries, aluminum, steel, textile, paper, plastics, agriculture, forestry, logistics, maritime, railroad, chemical, landfills, earthmoving, excavation, mining and not to forget the ever-changing construction industry. 

We have exceeded the expectations of supervisors and managers because the information taught was informative, targeted, easy to learn, met company’s training needs, and it is cost effective.  Unless your team is not committed, how can you not expect a return on your investment?

Shephard’s has developed and implemented an overwhelming list of powered industrial equipment training programs, each with a proven track record.  Over the years, article after article has been published about our approach to training and our success. 

Give us a call.  See if Shephard’s Systems will fit your employee training needs!
It’s time for Site-Specific Training.

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5 Question to think about:
  1. Does your training address Site, Equipment, and Task-Specific issues?
  2. Does your existing training program(s) focus on departmental or facility needs?
  3. Do you allow your teammates to participate in the development of your training program?
  4. On a scale of 1 to 10 are your existing operator’s competent and capable?
  5. Does your operator training program(s) provide an avenue to identify individual or class strengths and weakness, in addition does your training program(s) train your new hires from Zero To Solo?

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Getting YOUR Teammates Involved

Shephard’s Project Managers brings with them years of (boots on the ground) experience in all types of industrial operations.  Utilizing key assets within both Shephard’s and the clients operations, joining together to identify and document opportunities to improve existing situation.

A Third Party To Conduct Assessment Of Conditions

Site, Equipment and Task Specific Training

Low Incident Rate

Through implementation and follow-up, Shephard's training systems have drastically reduced our client’s incident rate. We found that incidents declined in the first year of training. But without refresher training in succeeding years, complacency settles in, commitment shifts, and incidents increase. A company who stands firm on their commitment, follows up on their training programs, and has total involvement of management and employees will lower their incident rate. The old cliché of "once trained always trained" is of the old school.


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