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My name is Jay Young. I was co-host of the Young & Elder Radio Show on KIX 106 for over 13 years. Now I am a Local Marketing & Business Development Specialist... with advanced communications tools and systems.

We just released our new BETA for Reputation Video Commercials and while we're in testing our production team will produce a
45 to 60 second Reputation Video Commercial for your business.

You'll have access to our professional video production team that will create a video ad.

People Are Watching Video...
What Do You Have For Them To Watch?
This Production Is A $1500 Value
But While In Beta - A Fraction Of The Cost
Why Should You Trust Our
Reputation Video Commercial Designs?

Years Of Proven Research

With years of research and design work, RPM Production Reputation Video commercials are PROVEN to promote your online reputation.

Our Professional Video Production Team 

You'll have direct access to our World Class video production. Produced in a Hollywood style studio. Professional Spokesmodel.

Proven To Boost Conversions 

We've researched the videos that have the highest conversion rates. Reputation video ads help you become liked and trusted to help you convert new customers

Video Ad Design 

We invest our time and expertise FIRST to produce a Reputation Video Commercial that brings you more engaged customers and new business.



You will have 100% complete ownership of your commercial to use anywhere you like.
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Customize Your Details
Customize your Video Ad by giving a few details to help our team create the perfect Reputation Video commercial for your business.
Get Your Reputation Video 
Within 24 hours our top video production professionals will contact you to discuss your NEW Reputation Video Commercial

Choose Your Favorite 5-Star Review To Promote With Video 

Get Outstanding Production Results At A Fraction Of Value

While We Are In Beta Your Investment Is Only $79  (one time)

While we are in BETA our team will produce your Reputation Video Commercial, Not For $1500.00, but for a limited time Just $79.
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