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Asset Management: Inspection Checklist Reporting and Preventative Maintenance Scheduling

Implementing “YourREDLIST” Assist Tracking System: a perfect time to Implement an asset tracking system and UPGRADE! your Teammate training programs. You may want to take advantage of this opportunity.  This may be the perfect time to:
  • Conduct a pre training and asset assessment
  • Identify Key Elements in your operations,
  • Set NEW Safety, Training and Operational Goals and Objectives
  • Upgrade your inspection checklists.
  • Design and implement your reporting and asset tracking
  • system, i.e. what, to whom, and when.
  • Set Objectives to: eliminate, reduce and upgrade.
  • Upgrade your Teammate training program.
Turn the Corner
Manage your Assets and Operator Training
Tracking Allows You to Measure Results
Invest today for Tomorrow


Inventory Management System

Tired of the Hands-on effort with your present inventory system?
REDLIST makes it less daunting to order, use, and keep track of thousands of parts
Performance and Reporting
Cost Effective
Know the conditions of your assets immediately
Evaluate operator reporting practices
Audit Ready
REDLIST: assist department managers in maintaining their assets and prepare for an audit.