Candidates That Implement The Most Advanced
Direct Response Advertising & Marketing Strategies
And Tactics Are The Winners

6 Powerful Strategies Every Candidate Must Use

Multichannel, Integrated Marketing

Just as the integration of direct marketing data has had a huge impact on the success of marketing for commercial products and services, so it is with political advocacy and fundraising. Use a combination of direct mail, email, Facebook, Google, banner ads, video commercials and retargeting – all with a dedicated landing page. 

Strategy Branding and Positioning

Your brand and positioning does not appeal to everyone, only to targeted audiences. Donald Trump positioned himself as a “Businessman” and won the support of millions of Americans who wanted a candidate that would  "Make America Great Again."

Do you remember whats her name's?

Direct Response Landing Page

A dedicated landing page will be the foundation of your multichannel, integrated campaign. Send all traffic back to your landing page, with a clear message and a powerful call-to-action.

One of the biggest mistakes any candidate can make is pointing people to only the general candidate site.

Banner Ads

Banner ads are digital ads that are an important part of any integrated, multichannel campaign. The same prospects who receive your emails, see your ads on social media and receive your direct mail will see digital ads all over the internet. Banner ads are especially powerful when combined with retargeting, which will retarget prospects who have already visited your landing page.

Envelope Direct Mail

Last election, the candidates used direct mail. Some used it poorly. Some used it well.

Envelopes today can be highly personalized. No one knows they were mass produced.

And" tease" envelopes still work very well. The objective has to be clear in your campaign. Educate, motivate and even agitate the reader to want to take action. The key is getting them to open the letter.


Video is always changing and the opportunities to place videos in a variety of places keeps changing too.

Use video on your landing page, Facebook ads, and banner ads to increase your credibility and boost response.

Use direct response principles in your video. Video created with the candidate is powerful. Authentic video that looks like it could have been taken on a phone is powerful.

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