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You would be lost without your eyes. Literally.

But often you don’t address eye issues until it’s too late. Your kids struggle in school. You suffer headaches at work.

At Allred Family Eye Care we will help your entire family maintain optimal eye health and get the right prescription lenses, so you can see clearly and enjoy life to its fullest.

​Come see our 5-star team today to start seeing your world more clearly.

Never again struggle to read the menu at the restaurant, signs on the interstate or that math problem on the board at school.

Solving your eye care & vision problems is more than just eye exams and contact prescriptions. We believe in facilitating Fullerton with complete ocular wellness solutions for the entire family.

At Allred Family Eye Care, we care for the entire visual system to help you see, function, and look your best! Whether you’re looking for a routine eye exam (or an eye exam for your kids), vision therapy for you or your children, management of an eye disease (such as glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy), or a new pair of fashionable frames, please visit us - we’re here to help!

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Case Study: Struggling At School

Eighth grade is a tough time for kids, so Melanie’s parents didn’t think too much of it when her grades started to suffer. They were concerned, of course, so they got her a tutor for algebra and started monitoring her homework more carefully. But nothing really changed.

It wasn’t until she came in for an eye exam that everybody realized what was really going on.

Melanie knew she was having some problems seeing the board at school. She was afraid that she’d have to wear glasses, so she didn’t tell anybody.

Melanie had developed myopia (short-sightedness) and needed corrective lenses. Since she was embarrassed to wear glasses, her parents got her contacts instead.

After getting contacts, things have gotten much easier for Melanie. Her grades have started to improve and the contacts let her see clearly without impacting her appearance.

See What Our Patients Are Saying…

Because Our Patients Are Top Priority

Laura B.

Dr. Allred is an awesome professional! He takes the time to explain everything that he is doing and why he is doing it. He has so much compassion for his patients. His staff is equally as great and informative too! I recommend him and his office to anyone seeking a an eye doctor.

Colie & Matt S.

I went to Troy for a second opinion and was very glad I did. He accommodated my husband and my strange situation without any problem. Troy is very personable and knowledgeable

Curt S.

I've been seeing Dr. Allred for several years. They are a group of friendly professionals, provide excellent results and the cost is always quite reasonable. I recommend them highly.

Our Services Provide Solutions

To Your Eye Care Needs 

Adult Eye Exam

Annual eye exams are a must for every family member. Allowing you to correct vision issues and catch serious conditions before they develop.

Contact Lense 

Need new contacts? Looking to switch from glasses? We’ll get you the right prescription and the right fit for vision and comfort.

Children's Eye Care

Did you know that 25% of school-age children need some level of vision correction? For a child going to school, having proper vision is a must.

Senior Eye Exam

As we age we need to be more aware of certain changes in our bodies: we can’t move as quickly as we used to, and we can’t see as well, either.


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Have You Noticed Changes In Your Vision That Concern You?

Have you discovered that reading isn't as pleasurable as it used to be? Maybe you're not seeing those road signs quite as clearly anymore. Stay on top of any changes in your vision with an annual comprehensive eye exam.

At Allred Family Eye Care, your vision truly is our passion. Providing solutions to your vision problems and helping you to maintain ocular health is our top priority. Of course we use the most advanced diagnostic technology to perform comprehensive exams. We’ll adjust your prescription and screen for early onset signs of more serious issues.

It's our pleasure to help you schedule a yearly exam for your whole family to keep everyone seeing clearly!


Myths About Eye Care

“I can see fine. So I don’t need to go to the eye doctor.”

It’s not true. Changes to your vision start small and they happen so gradually that you probably won’t notice. Plus, annual eye exams can identify other issues with your vision and help discover emerging diseases or conditions before they do extensive damage. See your optometrist every year, regardless of how well you think you can see.

“Wearing your sister’s glasses will ruin your eyes…”

This is also not true...but that doesn’t mean you should do it. Wearing the wrong prescription will give you a headache and possibly make you dizzy. So we don’t recommend it. But it won’t do any permanent damage to your eyes.

“Back up! You’re too close to the TV. You’re going to hurt your eyes. ”

This is another myth that moms have been spreading for years, but there’s no evidence to support it. Watching TV will make your eyes tired, though. So take a break once in a while. Maybe go for a walk. Your eyes will thank you.




Eye Disease & Cataracts

Being diagnosed with a glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease or cataracts can be devastating and life-changing.

We will customize a treatment plan for you to maintain your vision as strong as possible. To do so, it’s important that we identify them in the early stages, before they’ve done permanent damage.

So be sure to get an eye exam every year, so we can catch them early and start you on a treatment plan.

Glasses & Contact Lenses:

The wrong prescription lenses can cause all sorts of issues, including painful headaches and dry eyes.

Your prescription needs can change before you realize don’t wait for your eyes to tell you that you have a problem.

Our experienced team will  make sure your prescription is right. We have a huge selection of fashionable glasses and frames to choose from and a wide range of contact lens options. Find the perfect fit for your eyes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these floating spots in my eyes normal?

Most “floaters” (gray or black spots or strings that you see when you move your eyes) are completely normal. They tend to increase with age and are harmless. But if you notice a rapid increase in floaters you should contact your optometrist right away, as it could be a sign of a more serious condition.

Can I swim or shower with contacts in my eyes?

We recommend against it. They could fall out and if they do it will be nearly impossible to find them. Plus, the contacts could become contaminated with germs or chemicals in the water that could hurt your eyes. It’s safer to just take them out.

What causes “dry eyes”?

Dry eye is a result of tear ducts that don’t hydrate your eyes sufficiently, resulting in a scratching, burning or stinging sensation. If you suffer chronic dry eye, come in for a checkup. There are effective treatments available.


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