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Have you ever looked up a business or search for information on a product online?

Sure, everyone has. So do you always fill out a contact form or buy something the first time you visit these sites?

Of course not. In fact 96 percent of site visitor leave without taking any action.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to invite that 90 percent back to visit your site again, or let them know you’re having a sale? But of course there’s a problem right?

Yeah, since like you they probably didn’t leave their contact information, so how do you know how to reach them, right?

That’s why you need Retargeting. You see when anyone visits your site we tag them and for 90 days we can deliver ads for your business inviting them to come back to your site or come into your store anytime they’re surfing the web.

Listen people are spending tons on money getting themselves set up with SEO, and that’s great. But SEO is like a huge fishing net that’s full of holes. Retargeting patches those holes.

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